Brian KeeterThe Walk On Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit launched by Brian Keeter, former North Carolina State University basketball player (1998-2002). As the result of a near fatal car accident, Brian has been confined to a wheelchair since late 2008. He also must manage several ongoing secondary injuries that further limit his mobility and functioning. Though paralyzed from the waist down, Brian demonstrates exceptional self-discipline and determination in getting the most out of existing therapies. While he still has a long way to go, Brian has regained significant sensation and movement below his original level of injury and remarkably has reversed the wasting effects of muscle atrophy in his paralyzed legs.

Through many hours of personal research and opportunities to visit and speak with some of the leading SCI researchers, Brian is well versed on emerging spinal cord injury recovery therapies. Dedicated and talented people are hard at work on recovery therapies from spinal cord injury. Their work is demonstrating positive results in trials with humans, some of whom have been paralyzed for over a decade.

The Walk On Foundation will use social media and social networking to increase the public’s awareness of emerging therapies that are capable of producing significant gains from spinal cord injury and to raise money to find a cure for paralysis.

To follow Brian on his journey towards recovery, please visit his blog: